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News 2007

Welcome to the Homepage of Annegret Plänitz.

Thesis Submitted

Die Diplomarbeit ist fertig.

My thesis is finished. I printed it yesterday and today I handed it over to the University. Next year, 10th January I will defend it.

It was also my last day at Robotron and now I start my holidays at least until February. It was a busy time, but I also enjoyed it. Thanks to all, who helped me correcting.



The last weeks of my studies have started now. Since June 2007 I am working on my diploma thesis. I will be finished at Christmas and in January 2008 I will have to defend it.
The diploma topic is about Software Refactoring. A detailed description can be found here.

I have also added a report about an older project of my studies: Design of a powerline modem to realize a communication over the electricity network. I am sorry, that the report is only in German available, but it has some nice pictures.

New Zealand Update

Whangarei - That was my home in New Zealand for 7 months.

When I was in New Zealand, I learned much about Flash programming and instead of sorting my New Zealand South Island pictures I started to create a nice little Flash Map of the North Island.

To try it, you need at least Flash Player Version 7 installed and Javascript enabled.

Bagpipe Lessons in Dresden (Germany)

My Bagpipes Set in New Zealand

Here is some advertisement: Everybody who lives in Dresden (Germany) and already plays the bagpipe or drums, or wants to learn it, should contact me or the "Dresden Pipes&Drums".

I am writing this now, because yesterday somebody searched in Google for "Dresden Kurs Dudelsack". That is German and means "Dresden Course Bagpipe". But this poor person did not find any useful information about courses in Dresden on my page. So that is why i am writing this news entry.

English Translation

German and New Zealand flag

I am starting now to translate my homepage into English. So for my native English speaking readers it is worth to have a look at my homepage sometimes.

If somebody finds bad spelling or expression mistakes I would be pleased if you inform me.