Annegret Plänitz


Since October 2002 I am studying Information System Technology at Dresden University of Technology.
Information System Technology is an interdisciplinary study of computer sciences and electrical engineering.
In 2004 I got by Bachelor and focused my further studies on software technology and communications engineering. In spring 2008 I will finish my studies.

Projects at University

Here are some of the projects for my studies.
Project Description
My Theses Software Refactoring of an existing application. Exchanging the framework foundation of an already used software product. Goal is to change it without rewriting the software from scratch.
Powerline Modem DSP (digital signal processor) Project for designing and construction of a Powerline Modem.
Bachelor Theses Characterization and modelling of analog circuits. Development a java prototype to automation system design of simple analog circuits, like operational amplifier.
SchWurf Study project about circuit and system design. Design of an ASICs to realize the algorithm "Square & Multiply"
SWT-Project Development of flight management software in Java.