Annegret Plänitz


Since May 2007 I am writing my thesis at chair of software technology together with the Dresden company Robotron.


"Software Refactoring of an existing application."



Robotron*Daphne - a database application for the art - has been growing from a small consulting project to a complex product line, which is already in use by different customers.
For example the museums of the Dresden State Art Collections like Porcelain Collection, Green Vault, Coin Cabinet and Old Masters Picture Gallery are using Robotron*Daphne to inventory their art objects.

Over the time it has been shown that the used framework eXForms limits the further development of Robotron*Daphne. It is planned to exchange the framework with another open source framework.

Task of this thesis is to create a migration strategy by using refactorings to allow a soft application transfer while exchanging the frameworks.